Submission Champions League – Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte, the capital city of Minas Gerais, one of the richest states of Brasil, is also known in the Jiu Jitsu world for being the hometown of the Draculino Team, one of the strongest BJJ and Submission squads, with affiliated schools in the US, Poland and Greece among other countries.

Last Saturday, one of his black belts, Peposo, organised a very professional tournament of Submission Grappling, The 1st Champion League, with money prizes that attracted big names.

Our only student there, Luiz Eduardo Rosa Jr., did very well winning 4 combats in the Elite Division under 70 kgs to win the comp. Dentinho, brown belt in BJJ, participated in one of the most difficult classes and submitted two of his opponents, winning the 2 other fights with many points ahead of his adversaries.

Luiz arrived in Belo Horizonte a week before, and was welcomed at Draculino team where he trained with Marcello Uirapuru and the whole squad to prepare better for the challenge.

He arrived at the finals and closed the bracket with one student of Draculino, Caloquinha. They then shared the money prize of R$500.00 (almost 200 Euros).

Dentinho trains under Marco Chuck at our clubs in Buzios and Cabo Frio. He has been one of the most active of our members in competitions, winning most of the tournaments he entered in the last 2 years, with or without GI.

His focus now is on the Rio de Janeiro State BJJ Championships this month, the international tournaments of July and August in Brasil, and later a trip to Poland where he will help us with the classes in Wroclaw and train at our HQ, aiming for the Europeans next January.

Dentinho in action


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