RGC Livorno

Since I arrived in Livorno last week, I am taking the classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Yesterday the class was busier than usual, with 4 of our guys from Ferrara and Bologna, and the visit of 3 friends from Massa Carrara. Carrara is famous worldwide for its marble, but BJJ is picking up there too. In the class I taught 2 sweeps and later we drilled guard passing and defending.

Our club in Livorno is located inside the Popeye Club, owned by Riccardo Niccolini, a great freestyle wrestling coach that was placed 5th at the Olympic Games in Moscow 1980, before having a car accident that tore his leg muscles and prevented him from competing.

His passion for the sport, however, never faded, soon he started doing arm wrestling and won many titles including the World Championships. Later he was in the famous movie “Over the Top”, starred by Sylvester Stallone. Now he coaches one of the best freestyle wrestling teams in Italy and owns the Popeye Club. At his gym one can train Freestyle Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Arm Wrestling and Olympic Weight Lifting.


Gianluca Boni drilling sweeps with Matteo Mena

Group picture from yesterday

Riccardo Niccolini in Moscow 80


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