Abu Dhabi International Jiu Jitsu Cup

Every time Carlos Santos makes a new BJJ championship, he puts more money prizes. His tournament is already making history as the one that pays more than any other BJJ comp. Add to this his experience as a competitor (3X World Champion) and organiser, and you will think twice before missing his events.

This time the total purse is 33 thousand american dollars (more than 20 thousand euros) split by the champions of 15 divisions from white to brown belt. Dates are 9th and 10th of May, location is the famous ADCC Combat Club in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

The Emirates Airlines have regular flights from most capital cities in Europe, and is regarded as one of the best airlines in the world. For more info please call: +971 50 8218485, email Carlos at: emiratesbjj@gmail.com or go to their website: www.adcup.blogspot.com


7 responses to “Abu Dhabi International Jiu Jitsu Cup

  1. hi!!

    please how i can do for know the dates about the competition in brazilian jiu jitsu and grappling cause every time i saw only the resultas and i want go to do the competition please i hope that you can help me


  2. Fernando, we post in our blog the comps organised by our friends from Europe and Middle East that send us the info well in advance, and results from our team only, you should ask your coach about comps and check forums and other sites too, as well as the federation of our country if there is any. Hope that helps!


  3. Hi!!!
    please tell me how as I can may take part participate in to at these competition?
    I`m from Uzbekistan just i love combat arts
    that it is necessary to do make for on this
    as tax demand


    • Aldjas, you can go to Spain and fight for the chance to go to Abu Dhabi with all expenses paid, but only the winners get this prize, or fly directly to Abu Dhabi and go to the main event, is open to everyone and they will be happy to have someone from Uzbekistan 🙂

      Contact them for complete info:


  4. ok thanks for answer))) please tell me,can i knew how much expensed paid in Abu Dhaby i mean how much to get expenseses on competitions and there is donation there?


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