Montana International Jiu Jitsu Cup

Modena, Italy. This Sunday, 30th of March, had one of the first BJJ tournaments in Europe organised with the help of the CBJJE. This new federation has demonstrated to be a partner of the athletes, rewarding their hard effort with money prizes and well structured competitions. This tournament was not different, and had the participation of Wendell Alexander, head coach of Nova Uniao and one of the responsibles for the CBJJE. Each of the 5 black belt divisions gave 500 euros to its winner. The fee was only 30 euros, compare it to the European Championships, that charges 80 euros and gives nothing but medals and t-shirts!

Our team had 13 people coming from La Spezia, Livorno, Ferrara and Bologna. It was my first time watching them fight, and everyone did so well, even the ones losing displayed good technique, fighting spirit, tenacity and respect for their opponents, making me very proud of them.

We made 3 champions and 2 third places, in a competition with over 160 people from many clubs from Italy, France, Switzerland and Poland. A special mention goes to my friend Yan Cabral, that won his fight scoring 20 points on his opponent, at the black belt class under 80 kgs.

Our results:

Matteo Tugnolli – Gold, white belt, -65 kgs
Ion Condei – Gold, white belt, -88kgs
Wolodymyr Katerynchyk – Gold, white belt, +88kgs
Cristian Gessi – 3rd place, white belt, -88kgs
Gianluca Boni – 3rd place, blue belt, -80kgs

Me, Wendell Alexander and Yan Cabral
Young Matteo Tugnolli passing guard
RGC Italia


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