Grappling competition results from England

Applied Fighting Systems in Surrey is an associated club to the Rio Grappling Club network since 2004 when I started teaching classes there. The head coach, Steve Haydock, received the purple, brown and black belts from my hands. The results of his students reflect his dedication to coaching and his total commitment to technical quality and as our only representative in England, the club aims high and has achieved impressive results in the last years. 2008 barely started and he already sent me good news from 2 different No Gi grappling competitions.

Quick results:

Angrr Management Grappling Challenge (Bristol) – 23/02/2008

Dave Pawan – Gold medal, Advanced Division, -93 kgs

Grapplers Showdown (London) – 22/03/2008

Tim Murray – Silver medal, 3 to 6 Yrs, -79 kgs
Dave Pawan – Gold Medal, 1 to 3 Yrs, -93 kgs
Jamil Sorouji – Gold and Silver Medals, +6 Yrs, Open Weight and Men’s Absolute

An impressive thing is that Jamil has been training for less than 3 years and already won many comps with and without GI!
Jamil Sorouji, my great friend Wallid from Carlson Gracie London and Lubomir Repaski, finalists of the Men’s Absolute

For complete results and more pictures of the Grapplers Showdown, go to


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