RGC Italia

This week I arrived in Livorno, Italy, where my friend Bernardo Serrini lives and teaches. It is my seventh visit to this beautiful country, and there are lots of things to cheer about, like the growing number of participants in Livorno, Ferrara, La Spezia and Bologna, the seamless integration of all our students and their excellent results in competitions all over the country, as well as my better understanding of the language, which helps my classes and make me feel like home.

Tomorrow is Sunday and there will be a big tournament in Modena. It will be the first time I will coach them during a competition and a great opportunity to see them performing under pressure. Monday I will post full results and pictures of our team, but the year has started and our guys have done well so far in other comps. Results are posted below:

Naples BJJ Tournament – 9th of March

Ion Condei (white belt/RGC Bologna) 1st place at both open class and -88.3 kgs

ADCC Italy – 23rd of February

Matteo Menna (RGC Ferrara) – 2nd place, B Class, -67 kgs
Matteo Tugnoli (RGC Bologna) – 3rd place, B Class, -67 kgs

ADCC Italy – 13th of January

Bernardo Serrini (RGC Livorno) – 1st place, A Class, – 88kgs

Group picture in Livorno yesterday


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