A historic day!

21st of December, 2007. Since the fall of the Berlin wall, Europe has come a long way, but today is historic because since the Roman times the old continent haven’t seen so much integration. All the land and sea borders between West and East Europe have fallen. Now is possible for us to drive all the way from Latvia to Portugal without stopping for passport controls, experiencing more freedom than any time before in history.

Celebrations took place in the border between Italy and Slovenia, as well as in the border shared by Germany, Poland and Czech Republic. Thousands of people were in the streets showing that the European integration in not an Utopia, and will in the near future make this continent an even better place to live. At the end of march in the next year, the Schengen area will also encompass the airports, meaning that one can travel all over continental Europe without wasting time showing their passports to bureaucrats. Switzerland has also joined this agreement and at some point in 2008 will open its borders to Europe, stretching this even further.

Merry Xmas and a bright 2008 are my wishes to everyone, and a peaceful future to all of us that live in EUROPA.


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