Igor Rodrigues in Cyprus

Cyprus is a beautiful country in the Mediterranean Sea. This island has historically been controleed by Greece or Turkey in the past, but now is an independent country and part of the European Union. A great place to spend vacations due to its mild climate and beautiful landscapes, it is also developing its BJJ.

I was contacted a few months ago by Andreas Perentos and Panicos Aravis, coaches in Limassol, but my hectic schedule didn’t allow me to visit them, so I asked my student Igor Rodrigues if he was willing to leave Brasil for 2 months and stay there coaching them. Igor is an excellent competitor, he has won twice the World and Brazilian championships and has a great personality, so I reckoned he was the perfect guy for this job. He has arrived on the 1st of November, and as soon as he started teaching, I received an email from Andreas telling me they were very glad with his classes and a detailed report on his second class there. Read below:

“Our second training session took place on Friday 2nd of November at 9 pm. Friday night classes are more quiet-private with approximatly 8 people participating the training. After the warmup we drilled lots the basic armbar from guard and we then moved into omoplata attacks. We drilled the sleeves grips control and then the setup to the omoplata attack (not the actual finishing). From that position he taught us two “sick” sweeps, one of which I hadn’t seen before. The next technique was the triangle arising from the same sleeves control. Honestly, I have never received before such a thorough demonstration and detailed instruction of the triangle choke! The final technique was a counter to the triangle, basically a way to keep good posture and set-up the stack with a very simple grip. We then sparred for about 15 minutes and then wrapped up the class.” – Andreas Perentos



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