W Polsce =]

It is my sixth time in Poland, and little by little I start to understand a bit their difficult language, as well as adapt to the colder climate. My first week was spent in Wroclaw, drilling guard passes and submission escapes everyday, with a bit of stand up work on the last day. 30 people were present at most days, with a few more coming for 2 classes only. Rafal and Tomek received their deserveds purple belts and their names aare already in our list (See page About us in this blog).

Monday I took a train to Lublin, where I have been twice before. We worked extensively on guard passes and a bit on take downs. Dariusz Bres, the head coach, also got his purple belt from me Tuesday, earning his right to enter the RGC Network of Affiliated Schools, including Zamosc and Krasnik, extending even more the reach of our club in Poland.

Yesterday was my first day in Dabrowa Gornicza. I have been here several times and a reform was needed for that gym. Finally it was done over this summer, and it looks really nice. The Rio Grappling Club logo is in the wall,  colors of the studio are yellow, blue with a bit of green. Brazilian and Polish flags hang against the wall, in this club that is essentially 100% BJJ. They have classes of MMA and MT as well in separate times, but the focus clearly is in the GI.

Dabrowa integrates the networks in Silesia, along with the clubs of Gliwice, Czestochova, Zawiercie, Lubliniec and Raciborz (kids classes), that will be visited next.


RGC Dabrowa Gornicza


Autumn colours in Wroclaw 


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