Cape Of Storms Nationals results (South Africa)

The Rio Grappling Club is growing strong in South Africa.  

Our team just returned from the Cape of Storms Nationals. The competition was awesome, there were 9 or more schools competing including Gracie Barra Cape Town, Gracie Jiu Jitsu Cape Town, Novagen Jiu Jitsu, Rio Grappling Johannesburg, Combat Jiu Jitsu Den, Warriors Mixed Martial Arts Academy, Toukido Ju Jitsu SA and more. There were more than 150 competitors. Gi and No Gi divisions. Matches were double elimination so there were many matches.

The RGC brought 6 competitors:
Khete Tsele
Denis Ovcina
Dinesh Moodley
Liam Cleland
Bradley Cossey
Wiekus Swart

Our results:

Gi divisions
Bradley gold -76kgs
Khete silver -76kgs
Dinesh  bronze -76kgs
Denis bronze -76 kgs
Wiekus Swart gold +86 kgs

No Gi
Denis gold -76 kgs
Bradley silver -76 kgs
Dinesh bronze -76kgs
Liam gold -86 kgs (beating the Gracie Barra instructor Jason and then being double elimination beat him in the finals again for the gold).

Overall our team took home 9 medals, 4 golds, 2 silvers and 3 bronzes, placing first among all clubs. Big props to Wiekus for this great result as a coach and for his match where he won a bigger opponent by 11-0. Soon we will have videos of some matches and post here.


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