Epic fights – Renzo Gracie X Eugenio Tadeu 1997

I still have vivid memories from that night. At that time I was a brown belt training with Murilo Bustamante, who fought Jerry Bohlander in the same event, knocking him out with a kick from the guard. I was also excited to see Renzo fighting Eugenio, as the rivalry between BJJ and LL was big in Rio de Janeiro, and Renzo was always an exciting guy to watch.

I went with my father to watch the so called Pentagon Combat. The event was quite well organised, but the promoters made a big mistake on not hiring a professional security company, and as a result more than 300 guys from Luta Livre invaded the ring side area early in the afternoon and nobody put them out. The organisers let the show go on and everything went smooth until the main fight started. 

I was far away from the octagon, but when I saw people climbing the fence and try to hit renzo, I jumped the fence and went to the ringside, and started pulling guys down, until the situation lost control and chairs started to fly. The fight was interrupted, I managed to protect myself from the rioters and thankfully none of them got me, then the lights were out and afterwards cops came along beating everyone up with batons, and I got hit once in my right arm. 

After the whole situation was over, I found my father and we went home very frustrated with the outcome. After this incident, MMA was banned in Rio de Janeiro, leaving the home of the best fighters in the World without local events.

Now check the intensity of the fight between Renzo and Eugenio, definitely an epic battle to enter the history of modern MMA. Renzo was completely dominant but he was gassing out, so we will never know what the outcome would be if the fight had continued, but, since the rioters were all students of Eugenio Tadeu, they are the ones to blame for the interruption of the combat.      


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