Back from short holidays

Last week I took a break from the internet and enjoyed myself in a short trip to Hungary, now things are back to normal and this week we should see some new stuff in our blogs.

I’ m going to Barcelona Thursday and soon will arrive in Rio de Janeiro, just in time to watch and report from the Pan Am games. I will follow all the interesting combat sports there. That includes Judo, Wrestling and Boxing.

Unfortunately BJJ is far from taking part on the most important comps after the Olympic Games for the American continent. The Pan Ams would be our best chance to showcase BJJ to the World and try to put the sport in the Olympic Games in a near future, but this is not possible because the BJJ federations headed by Carlos Gracie Jr. are not working together with the Olympic Comitte, as it would need to follow strict guidelines, have more transparency, elections, tranfer resources to the athletes and so on. Of course this is not a top priority for them, all they care about is to make money from the sport, that explains why they moved the World BJJ Championship to California. This month Rio will host the big sports event ever in its history, atracting people from all over the continent, from Canada to Argentina and we cannot even have a demo to display the gentle art to this people. If there is something holding back the growing of our sport, is the people that organise it.    


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