2nd All Africa Cup BJJ Durban


The 2nd All Africa Cup BJJ happened in South Africa on 3rd of June, hosted by Novagen Jiu Jitsu Club at The Glenn Shopping Centre in Umhlanga, Durban, bringing many spectators to the event.

Over 70 competitors took part in the competition, from the top 5 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gyms in the country. The Northcliff’s Rio Grappling Club Tap Out team placed second team overall, despite bringing only 5 athletes – Denis Ovcina, Liam Cleland, Martin Booysen, Bradley Cossey and Dinesh Moodley.

The comp had 6 weight classes ranging from under 65 kgs to the Absolute. As the event was hosted in Durban, the Rio Grappling Club Tap Out team only managed to enter competitors in 4 of the 6 weight classes.

At under 75 kgs our team took all the medals. Gold, silver and bronze were awarded to Denis Ovcina, Bradley Cossy and Dinesh Moodley, respectively.

At under 85 kg, Liam Cleland took gold, and in the + 95 kg division, our veteran 47 year old Martin Booysen took silver, beating competitors half his age to reach the podium.

The competition is based on a knock out system, so each competitor had to fight 5 times to get to the finals. Our team was captained by Wiekus, the brown belt sitting at the right in the picture above.

The Rio Grappling Club is very proud of Wiekus and our Tap Out team from Northcliff, Johannesburg. We are confident that BJJ is growing strong in South Africa, thanks to the great job done by Wiekus and their strong ties with Bobby, Nathan and Sergio, our other instructors of the Rio Grappling Club in Johannesburg, not to mention our guys from Port Elizabeth, Andrew Garai and Chris Bright. I am positive that our next visit to SA in november will see those clubs even better and stronger.


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