Roma BJJ Tournament 2007

Our team in Italy continues to grow and bring good results in the tournaments all over Italy. Last weekend it was in Rome, where the third and last leg of the Italian BJJ Championships happened.

Bernardo Serrini, purple belt, our instructor in Livorno and responsible for the Rio Grappling Club Italy, needed only one fight to get the gold in the middle weight division (- 88kgs), submitting Fred Linhares (GB) with an armbar. Gianluca Boni, instructor in Bologna and Ferrara, whose have won the previous tournaments in Torino and Napoles, this time got the bronze medal in the blue belt middle weight (- 82 kgs).

Matteo Mena, white belt from Ferrara, won the feather weight (-70kgs), while Erik Tornaboni, from La Spezia, won the white belt heavy weight (- 84kgs). Both will fight in the blue belt from now on. Other 2 athletes from RGC Ferrara got silver medals, a great result for our team, with all competitors taking medals home.

Indeed a great season for our clubs that are soon expanding to Firenze and La Spezia. Bernardo, our head instructor from Livorno, was training with me everyday for the last 3 weeks and has shown a great evolution in his BJJ game.


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