Seminars in Poland

After 2 weeks teaching at Rio Grappling Club Wroclaw, I went on to visit Dabrowa Gornicza, where our time on those three days we spent working extensively on guard passes. This was also our first topic in Bydgoszcz, Pomorza, where we had very good classes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday but also worked on sweeps and submission escapes. Sunday I returned to Silesia and went to Raciborz, place of my first seminar ever in Poland in 2004. In Raciborz we are working with kids, so we had 2 classes separarated as the techniques for them must be more straight forward. Again, guard passes drills 😉

Michal is the coach of the children, while Jabu takes the adults. Lamator is also linked to my friend Manolo, so is a joint venture Rio Grappling Club/Linke Gold Team. Next will be Gliwice and Zawiercie, then Wednesday I fly to Italy. Below pics of our firs day in Bydgoszcz and our kids in Raciborz!




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