A new hope

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away…

Well, we are not in a Star Wars movie, but the evil empire that controls the federations now has a new challenger. After years doing a really bad job, it seems that the CBJJ (Brazilian Federation of JJ) will have to face a new reality. Moises Muradi and Andre Pederneiras, together with 8 estate federations, gathered to offer another option to our grapplers, and launched the CBJJE, which already proposes to host the major tournaments in Rio and Sao Paulo and rotate the Brazilian Tournament around the whole country. Moises has done a terrific job in the Sao Paulo federation for years (I had competed in some of his comps and they are way further than others) and hopefully this will grow to be the major federation in Brasil, putting an end to years of bad management, corruption and abuse of power. We will soon post here more info on this new enterprise and their calendar for 2007 and 2008.


One response to “A new hope

  1. Master Moises Muradi it’s also trying to bring one day BJJ to the olympics. He is a very modest men with great knowledge of jiu-jitsu. Great things are coming!


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