New belts in Wroclaw, Poland

After leaving South Africa, it was time to come back to Poland for the fifth time, where I’m staying for 3 weeks more. I arrived in Wroclaw last Sunday with Mariusz and Wednesday we had our first belt ceremony this year, when 7 of our guys got their blue belts. I’m staying next week in wroclaw and after that will visit our other clubs in Poland. Follows the list with the names of our new blue belts, congratulations for this achievement and keep working hard, guys!

1.Łukasz Dźbik
2.Tomek Szychowiak
3.Daniel Krakowiak
4.Krzysiek Parafińczuk
5.Michał Szwarc
6. Andrzej Borys
7.Piotrek Kobylański



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