Tournament in London postponed and other quick news

I’m sorry to announce that the II Londinium Grappling Cup had to be postponed to September (date and venue to be confirmed), but other than that all is well.

My trip to South Africa has brought many fruits, first our club was joined by the 3 best BJJ clubs in Johannesburg. Standards are high and can be easily compared to good clubs in europe, despite their isolation their efforts are not unnoticed, at the end of my trip I am returning and brown and purple belts will be rewarded to some excellent grapplers there.

Yesterday I visited a local Judo club in a poor area of Porth Elizabeth and showed them some groundwork techniques and explained diferences between BJJ and Judo. The interest was high and 3 local newspapers came to report. Today more people will read about that and this will raise awareness to our beautiful martial art.

Unfortunately most instructors are only concerned about making money and I am yet to see any effort outside Brasil to bring BJJ to the masses, South Africa is a country that can be compared to Brasil as both have many problems to be fixed but they must embrace their leadership in their continents. The sport can to make a diference taking kids off the streets and give them an opportunity to a better life and educate them to help them fullfil their potential. I am going back next week and we will arrange to start a BJJ program under my guidance there, with help from Andrew Garai, my local BJJ coach, those kids will be able to take BJJ classes in their Judo club. I am very pleased to have this opportunity and will come back to check the results in my next visit. Now go train!!!


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  1. Hi, I lived in Joburg a few years ago… can you please list some of the clubs that are found there so that I may drop by when I go there for a long due visit? Thanks!


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