BJJ Classes this month in England

So far it’s been a busy month in England. Since I arrived just after the Europeans, I am teaching day classes every weekday at SOAS University of London, visited my friend Alan Murray in Liverpool for a seminar, been twice already to Caterham, Surrey, and also went down to the Fight Factory, BTT London and yesterday I taught at Brixton to my friends Austin and Calvin. Until the end of this month I will be going down to Surrey to teach classes at Steve Haydock’s AFS, do a seminar this Sunday in Suffolk and keep going to SOAS, Fight Factory and BTT London. A joint class with Leo Negao in Whitecity is also on the works but dates haven’t been confirmed yet. I will be in London until the 2nd of March when I fly to Aberdeen. Many thanks to Eduardo Carriello and Luiz Ribeiro that are helping me out so much and are committed to our joint project of a No Gi Tournament that we are planning for 22nd of April.

Roberto Atalla


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