Back in Brasil

I apologise for my readers as in the last two weeks I got too busy and did not post in the blog. I arrived saturday night in Brasil with my student Mariusz Kosiej from Wroclaw, Poland and we are already training for the 1st South American Championships. It is raining a lot in Rio so we could not do much yet, just train. Monday we visited the gym of Roberto Correa Gordo and I had the chance to spar with my brother after many years. He improved a lot and certainly is a great black belt although he has not enough time to train due to his work commitments. Tuesday afternoon Mariusz and I went to De la Riva and had a good session. In the evening it was time to go to Bolão and do another session. My body is aching but I think I will be in good shape to the tournament in December. From now on I will try to post every other day and give some tips about training in Rio, with info on clubs of my friends there. Stay tuned!

Roberto Atalla


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