Training Camps

The Rio Grappling Club organizes BJJ and Grappling training camps every year.

Our most traditional Summer Camp in Italy is held near Ferrara during the last week of August since 2009, growing substantially each year. This year it will start on the 23rd and end on the 30th of August.

We also have our low cost camp in Borowice, Poland, also in August (this year we start on the 4th and go on until the 10th).

To gather for beginners, we have a camp in Sardinia, Italy, which is perfectly suited for white and blue belts. We will be there from 1st to 6th of July near Sorso, in the Northwestern coast of that gorgeous mediterranean island.

In our camps we train a lot, share knowledge and improve skills, eat well, rest well, enjoy with friends from different places and make new ones, far from the stress of our daily lives.


To find out more, please check the fixed post in our homepage at this blog and go to our Facebook event pages (links provided there).

You can also find more info at our blog Grappling Camps too:

We can offer our expertise and collaboration if you want to set up a training camp anywhere in the world. Mail us for more info.

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