Our coaches have been giving seminars and workshops in over 25 countries, teaching BJJ and Grappling classes and special courses to many schools.

We  can offer one, two and three days seminars, as well as week long focused training and more extensive courses.

A big differential in our classes is that we focus on a theme (like submission escapes or guard passes) and all the techniques are connected, hence the students do not forget easily what we teach.

We are flexible and can fit our programs to any existing BJJ school or other martial arts clubs that want to improve their grappling level. Our classes are highly technical and focused, guaranteeing that everyone, from white to black belts, can benefit from them.

We are committed to deliver quality coaching to all levels and we have available black belt teachers that speak english, spanish, polish, german, italian and portuguese.

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Countries we visited already: England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, France, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, South Africa, Namibia, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Slovakia, Cyprus, Hungary, Lebanon and Romania.